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Liberty Pooch is a full service Pet Concierge company.  We provide Doggy Daycare, Boarding, Walking, Weekly Excursions, and Concierge Services to our VIPooch members.  Cat Services available upon request.  Liberty Pooch Services the following Toronto neighborhoods:  Liberty Village, Fort York, King West, and Queen West.  Other locations may be accommodated upon request.


Services and Rates

Walks - 1 hour Walk - $20+tax/walk - SMALL GROUPS (Weekdays Only between 11am -5pm)

Is your dog at home all day while you're at work?  Dogs that do not work off their energy throughout the day tend to be harder to train, disruptive/destructive around the home, and/or bark excessively (leading to noise complaints).  

Call Liberty Pooch and have us come pick up your VIPooch for a long walk and some play time.  

We want to give your pet a VIP experience where we can ensure that they are happy, healthy, and safe, so our walks are only done in small groups!  Our competition would consider small group sizes "semi-private" pack walks, but at Liberty Pooch, this is our standard.  We want you to feel at ease that your dog is being well taken care of and getting the attention they deserve.  Small pack sizes also allow us to work on some basic obedience techniques with your pup (i.e. sit/stay etc), which would otherwise be difficult in larger groups. 

*$22+tax for less than 4 walks per week (i.e. 1 - 3 weeks only)


*Solo/Weekend/Ad hoc/Stat holiday walks (Before 10am-after 6pm) available upon request ($30 for 45 minutes).

Check out our Service Area. 


Pee Breaks (up to 20 minutes) *$15/dog - Solo Pee Breaks $18

Running late from work/event?  Does your pooch just need to be let out for a quick pee?   We can do that for you!

*premium rate applies for stat holidays and before 10 am and after 5pm - 5pm last pick up


Puppy Visits (up to 30 minutes) - $30+tax/for two visits per day ($18+tax/for one visit)

The first couple months of puppy parenting can be quite tough.  You deal with as much separation anxiety as your puppy does, but you also need a break from the round the clock pee breaks and demanding schedule of your new fur baby.  That is what we are here for:  Liberty Pooch will come and provide your new puppy quality one on one time.  We will play, feed, and let your puppy out.  You will receive updates/photos/videos every visit!  In addition, we can provide tips and suggestions on the most common puppy related issues (i.e. housebreaking, chewing, walking, etc.).

*premium rate applies for stat holidays and before 10am and after 5pm- 5pm last pick up


Boarding/Overnight (24 hours) - $65/day for 1 dog

Going on vacation/work trip?  Liberty Pooch will make your pooch feel like they are on a vacation of their own.  Like an all-inclusive resort, we have everything your VIPooch will need (toys, treats, beds, bowls, etc).  Just bring their food and we will take care of the rest!   Pick up and Drop off services may be available depending on location.  

*Stat Holiday pricing available upon request


Kitty Visits - Half an Hour Visit/per day - $18/per visit  and $20 for 2 cats/per visit

Similar to our Puppy Visits, LP will come play, feed, and keep your kitty company while you're at work.

*premium rate applies for stat holidays and before 11am and after 5pm


Concierge Services - $40/hour

Need somebody to pick up and drop off your pet food?  Don’t have time to drop your pooch off to the groomer?  Can’t take time off work to take your pet to the Vet?  Need something at Costco?  LP is here to make your life easier.  For our VIPooch members, we are happy to help you out with these tasks.   Just give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your request!                      


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