Fuelled by passion, attention to detail and a deep belief that dogs are family members too, Liberty Pooch offers a diverse list of boutique canine care services to bring joy, convenience and structure into your dog’s life.


We understand the pressure that many busy professionals feel when forced to leave their pets alone at home while they pursue their careers. Owner/Pack Leader, Helga AuYeung, understood this all too well and founded Liberty Pooch specifically to help alleviate that feeling of guilt pet parents experience by providing exceptional pet care services (whether it be dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, etc) so both your furry family member and your career can thrive.

Read more about Helga and Liberty Pooch’s Genesis Story.



The team who combines professional expertise with personalized canine care.


Helga AuYeung


Better known as Auntie Helga to her Liberty Pooch family, Helga is an avid dessert lover and the heart and soul of Liberty Pooch. After spending a decade in the technology sector managing a team of 30 people across Canada, Helga saw first hand how many working professionals struggled to balance pet parenthood with work. So she channeled her love of dogs into a new career path, which she walks daily with a pack of pups always close at her heels!




Helga’s partner in life and work, Rob (aka Uncle Rob) had a very successful 30 year career managing high end restaurants around the world. As Liberty Pooch grew, Rob left the restaurant industry to help expand the business and formally joined Liberty Pooch in 2016. Rob has a natural connection with all animals. His calming ability and sense of confidence makes even shy or anxious pets feel comfortable. He is the best father to Poyo and is the cat whisperer of Liberty Pooch.



Mascot, Treat Tester, Hype Man

Poyo is a sweet-natured boy who loves eating chicken and pork, running in the snow, sleeping upside down and going to work with his mum and dad. He’s a total Taurus at heart and has mastered a signature move of ear licking for those he loves.

Poyo is in many ways the heartbeat of Liberty Pooch, having fun wherever he goes and helping when he can make Liberty Pooch’s charges feel welcome and at home.


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Senior Pack Leader

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Pack Leader

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The heart of our story

Family is what motivated Helga to change follow her passion for dogs and animals and lead her to open Liberty Pooch.

Over the course of a year, Helga lost 6 members of her family - one of which was her beloved cousin Michele. When Michele first got ill, she entrusted Helga to look after her fur baby, Poyo.

"Michele trusted me with what she loved most, knowing I would love him like he were my own. I thank Michele every day for giving me Poyo. He has been a blessing."

Poyo was the light of Michele's life: the apple of her eye. She loved him more than anything in the world. Six months after her diagnosis, Michele lost her courageous battle with cancer. It was her wish that Helga keep Poyo.

"I made a silent promise to her, that I would honour her everyday by loving Poyo as much as she did and that he would want for nothing.”

After losing Michele and having suffered through so much other loss in such a short time, Poyo helped Helga through the deep sorrow and grief. Taking him for long walks and visiting the dog parks daily was not only her therapy, but it filled her with passion and joy. Having experienced so much grief, she realized that sage lesson that "life is short and DO WHAT YOU LOVE:" this is how Liberty Pooch began.

"I love this little man with all my heart."

Helga started Liberty Pooch not only to fulfill her personal passion for animals, but also to provide professionals, like her, a trustworthy, reliable, and professional "dog mom" who would treat your Furry Family Member like her own.

"I put myself in your shoes. Who would I trust to take care of Poyo?? What things would give me peace of mind so that I know he will be well taken care of?"

When you trust Liberty Pooch with your Best Furry Friend, you can be at ease knowing they are being cared for by a trustworthy and reliable person who is thankful everyday for being able to do what she loves!