Happy birthday Poyo!


Liberty Pooch’s Brand Ambassador, mascot, #1 treat tester and Hype Man - Poyo - turns 7! 

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank my Cousin Michele for giving us Poyo.  4.5 years ago I remember feeling torn:  I loved Poyo so much, but I wanted Michele to get better.  Keeping him meant accepting that Michele was not going to get better.  I think she knew I would need him to get over losing her: and I did.  Poyo saved my life. I still tear up when I say these words.


If it were not for Poyo, I would not have: gotten out of bed everyday, had a reason to smile, or a reason for being.  I took Michele’s loss and the grief that came from losing so many family members during a short three year period and channeled it into something positive: Liberty Pooch.


Rob and I love Poyo more and more every day.  He is our heart, our soul, and our fur child.  The way Rob looks at him, cares for him, and loves him makes me love him even more.  


I know everybody thinks their dog is special:  they are not wrong.  To us:  Poyo is as special as special can be.


Happy Birthday baby boy!

Becoming part of Liberty Pooch is becoming part of an awesome Family!

Liberty Pooch turned 4 this weekend and Poyo turned 7!  To celebrate, we hosted our very first Pub/Pup Crawl.  


Look at the turnout!

We wouldn’t be where we are today without these wonderful people who we consider much more than clients:  they are family!    

We wouldn’t be where we are today without these wonderful people who we consider much more than clients:  they are family! 



I truly believe that “like attracts like” and when I started Liberty Pooch my mantra was to treat my client’s pups the same way Michele or I would want Poyo to be treated.  Let’s get real, Poyo is a teeny bit spoiled, but why not!  He deserves nothing less than the best life I can give him - even if that means not sleeping all night and getting glue gun burns from making birthday party hats for him and his friends or getting him a custom bacon flavoured cake from Amber’s bakery.


diy doggy pawty hats 

Bacon flavoured doggy cake from ambers bakery  


I may be called a crazy dog person, but the great thing is I’ve attracted a bunch of amazing clients who appreciate my crazy and to them I’m just a dog person because they are as crazy as I am about their pets!  We had over 30 people and 24 pooches at this pawty (I was limited to how many people could fit on our party bus)!  I was overwhelmed by the love, support, and enthusiasm this group of likeminded individuals has shown Rob, Poyo, and I.  It only encourages  me to find more fun and exciting things for us to do as a community.


I always tell people that my clients are like my family:  we take care of each other.  Our relationship goes beyond just taking care of their pets.  They leave us drinks in their fridge during the summer so we don’t dehydrate, bring us soup when we are sick, help us put up shelves (as we are totally not handy), and give the entire team phone chargers so our phones don’t die during the day.  These are just a few examples of how amazing our community is and Rob and I are grateful to be a part of it!